Thursday, December 27, 2007


I'm writing on my new computer! I'm just so excited.. It's pretty exciting actually. I love my new computer. Its an Imac! It's silver and black, and white.. it's pretty awesome.. its got built in web-cam, built in speakers, built in hard drive.. the mouse plugs into the key board and the key board plugs into the monitor!! It's pretty awesome. At the moment it's set up by our kitchen table I don't mind although I don't have privacy while typing ha ha. Whatever though. Ryan is coming over later today to visit with me. During his split shift that is. I get another day off.. so that's two days off, then I work Saturday at 10, and then I get Sunday Monday off, then I work on Tuesday.. then I have the rest of the week off! Which is weird because I've been working so much lately. So yes, I don't have much to talk about so I will write later.

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