Friday, January 18, 2008


I watched Click tonight;
I cried like a baby.. That's nothing new though, it's a sad movie!! It's one of my favorites though! I love Adam Sandler! Moving on, My tooth still really hurts which is no good, I ran out of maximum strength Orajel also! So now I have to use the regular stuff, and also I don't think I'll take anymore Tylenol I don't wanna make myself anymore sick. I figure with all the Tylenol I took, and the tube of Orajel, and the fact that I get sick easy if somethings already wrong with me..I SHOULD be heading to the hospital soon.. That's if things take a bad turn.. I should also go to the doctors and get an extra strength pain killer so I only have to take one, Oh, and some sleeping pills because once again my sleeping schedule is really whack. Like, I'm up right now, and it's 1:30 in the morning, I'll probably go to bed around 4ish .. it takes me like an hour to fall asleep..well it will tonight I know that, then I get up at 7 to wake up my little sister and my little brother, and I don't go back to bed till they leave, at like 8:00ish, then after that IF I'm lucky I get back to sleep, but with the way everything is going I highly doubt I will get back to sleep. OR if I do.. I'll sleep till like 2:00 and then Ill take a nap at like 4:00 and wake up at like 10 and do the whole cycle again. I'm really surprised I'm not in the hospital to tell you the truth, I'm not leading a very healthy sleeping cycle, or medicine taking. I'm a clean person, I shower everyday, and I run, and I eat fine. Everything else though is fucked up.  Hm I taste blood.. No not a nose bleed.. *ponders* . How odd, Oh well... If I do end up in the hospital for anything.. come visit kay?!  It'll make me feel loved. Chances are I wont go there unless emergency surgery on my tooth then I'll be drugged up SO good, I wont even want to see anyone, well except Ryan. I always want to see him! I mean always, I don't think I could ever get sick of him, it's literally impossible to get sick of someone you love. Apparently I can't spell, says my spell check. *shrugs* Oh well, I agree I can't spell some words, like.. apparently I cant spell awkward when creating this blogs address haha. I also cannot spell ambidextrous. Well that spelling is the right spelling obviously because I hate bad grammar and bad spelling. It's a big pet peeve, If I didn't know how to spell, reading my blogs would be like reading my sisters notes... It would be interesting, and would give you a headache.  Anyways, its taken me awhile to write the blog haha, So I'm gonna just go look at dresses till I get tired.

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