Wednesday, January 16, 2008

holy cow.

Second day of my tooth hurting, and the dentist cannot do anything till the 25th.. of February. Looks like I actually suck at life! On the other mom got me maximum strength Orajel. The tubes almost gone... Orajel doesn't work I tell you, I mean when I take 6 extra strength Tylenol then like fill the back of my mouth it does haha. Yesterday I had 11 extra strength Tylenol. Not all at once though, I had 5 before I went to bed around 8:45ish and I was out like a light till like 7:30 this morning. I really really enjoyed my sleep! Maybe Ill do it again today when I wanna take a nap!! YES! Brilliant idea! I gotta go down to PSLC today and get more work, I'm done all mine haha. I'm tired..and a bit drowsy.. so I'm going to go lay back down see if I can get back to sleep.

p.s. Ryan's coming over today, and Im really really excited. I miss him lots.

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