Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sketch Book

So this is my sweet story, I lost interest when it starts to make no sense, only because I forgot about it for a bit! So yeah

There's this girl, her name is um, lets say her name is Sketch.
So Sketch had some pretty amazing friends, but 2007 just wasn't her year, actually come to think of it, neither was 2006. We aren't going into detail why it wasn't. So far in this awesome story we have a girl named Sketch..and 2007 wasn't her year! Sketch had some amazing friends, well only two that she could really trust anyways. These ladies were beyond amazing come to think of it. Anyways, one day Sketch and her friends um.. Apple? and um.... Orange? Yes Apple and Orange. Were hanging out and they decided to wreak havoc on Dennys so they got wasted.. That of course wasn't the first time, Although it was the first time in a long time!! Before then they were hammer sauced and then went to a teen dance, (yes they are teens). Anyways, back to the story, Sketch, Apple and Orange were pretty amazing people, but Sketch felt there was something missing in her life, One night while her fruity friends asked if she wanted to get drunk..she decided why not.. but was constantly contemplating on if she actually should or not.. Until she went to the Mar! Which all the cool kids hang out and work by the way. Anyways, Apple and Orange convinced Sketch to go to Apples house and drink. So she did.. and I think Sketch is glad she was a push over that night because she met the most amazing guy in the world. His name *looks around*... BOOK! So Sketch met Book, (man, I'm good) but they were both hammer sauced which was cool, because that means no worries while trying to talk to him. Back to the story, Sketch Apple, Orange and Book were all going to Dennys with their drunk friends. So once at Dennys they got there and ate and spiked their drinks and ordered their food. Word started to spread that Sketch liked Book. Then Book went and threw up, Apple Orange Sketch and Book took a cab to Oranges house, then took a cab to Apples house and then Apple passed out, and Sketch and Book talked till like 5 in the morning. Then things from there were awesome. Sketch and Book are now happily dating. & That's the story about Sketch and Book!!! 

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