Wednesday, January 23, 2008



It's been awhile since I've started my blog with that. It's actually been awhile since I've said that. So apparently I'm still emo-ish in the style department.. and I'm not allowed to change it.. reason being, it's hot? I don't know? I'm actually not emo haha, Its more of my own style because it mixes like emo and like punk.. and like rebel-ish style.. So its not just emo! Anyways, I'm really thirsty, and I'm not allowed kool-aid. I made a quesadilla it was really good, and I spelt it right the first time! I'm cool I know! So, I have a few new favorite songs. After my sisters listened to it, like 500 times in a row, I like the song Sorry by Buckcherry, Also I like Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry. They are my new favorite songs! I don't listen to them on repeat though haha, I hate people who do that, The only song worth listening to on repeat is Particle Man, by They Must Be Giants. I'm really bored at the moment, and it's almost 3:30 which means I can take my pill!! So, What is there for me to do?! I cleaned the kitchen, and around my computer desk. Another thing, I've tried to watch Ryans new video on youtube..but every time that I try, My internet connection cuts out! It really pisses me off! I'm in a really good mood though. Not sure why, I miss Ryan..He's just amazing in every way, I love hanging out with him. Doesn't matter what I do with him, I always have fun. Hes just one of those people that no matter the situation, you can always have fun with that person! Oh yes another thing, I burnt my finger while using the stove today, and man oh man did it hurt, I swore a lot. I didn't cry. Kay still bored. Josh signed on! BUT do I really wanna talk to him?! Yeah, I do.. It's  the only way to cure my lack of fun. Maybe.. lol He just sent me this  um, KRV3  because I typed \/\/3rd.  Sometimes I don't understand guys. Oh well, lol I wanna meet him, Apparently he's a lot more random in person? Ah, Like I said, my blogs are getting boring. Lame sauce I tell you, Lame sauce! I need topics.. maybe I should start doing a few video blogs. Maybe. Kay, So I'm going to go now. This has gotten.. really lame. 


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