Friday, February 29, 2008

Heaven or Hell, You Choose

When things go so right.. why does something bad follow? Is it like.. a rule? I'd like to know because quite frankly I find it really gay. Anyways. I had a nice time with Ryan, although he's sick again and I'm getting sick. I was going to go home at 8:30 tonight, but Ryan and I were just laying on his bed, and we both fell asleep, It's a good thing his mama called because we probably would have slept till.. well tomorrow. My mom isn't too happy with me at the moment, The reason being I didn't stay home like I usually do. I went to Ryans.. Resulting in my sister breaking into my dads office, Cool right? No not really. On top of all this wonderful news, I was 7 hours late taking my pill. I know I'm responsible. Sarcasm was intended for those of you who don't know me. So, I spend Thursday night with Ryan, and all of Friday with Ryan. It was really fun, I love being with him. I'm so excited for the day when the day I think "shit I have to go home" and realize, I AM home. I'm excited to be with him. I think I'm fine with the fact I have to wait a year or more to be with him completely though. I know that I'm ready, I'm ready for him. I'm ready to be with him for the rest of my life. I honestly cant see myself with anyone else. I'm completely 100% ready. Yeah I'm young, but when I'm with Ryan, I feel that everything that's missing in my life, isn't missing anymore. He makes me feel amazing. & I want to thank him for that. I suppose this is the end of my post. I will post later on.

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