Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey, Hey I wanna be a rockstar.

2 flipping hours I need to pass by. La La. Why does time have to move so slow when I want things to come, but when I want more time.. it goes by sooo fast. Talk about a piss off. I like stretching although sometimes it hurts my leg.. because I over do it! ha ha. OH! Today's Thursday! I get to see RYAN TODAY! I'm so excited. I miss him so much right now! I almost forgot! I'm also coloring my hair today! It's going to be red! like RED, I'll post a picture of course at the end of my post.

!-paigeee =[` says:
11:11 make a wish

I love making wishes at 11:11. I love making wishes on anything that you can make wishes on actually, Shooting stars, First star I see at night, Eyelashes(yeah I know its weird), Ladybugs. I'm just not a lucky person, Hence the four leaf clover on my palm. One of these days, I'm going to have to post a picture of like all the tattoos I have on my body. Seeing as I have 9 it would be a pretty good post! I'll go buy batteries today when I get my hair dye. That ways I can take pictures before my hairs done and after! It'll be dope. I'm still sitting here on my mamas computer being bored, I find that I like writing blog entries on my mamas computer because of her keyboard, I find it's easier to type on when I have ideas running through my mind because i know where all the keys are on this one, and I know what button shift is, and what buttons I need to push if I fuck up. On my mac, it's completely different. I don't have alt buttons, I have command buttons, and I don't have a "home" button. It kinda aggravates me because I like the bigger keyboards, and the bigger buttons. It makes me feel important to be able to type so fast on a computer, It's like the only thing I'm good at in life basically. Well actually that's not true, I can play guitar, I can draw, I can tattoo.. I can write.. (Obviously) I can wiggle my ears!. Okay its the only thing at the moment that might get me somewhere in life. Besides guitar, I have to practice and get lessons if I wanna go somewhere with that though, I know with my writing and my typing, I don't need practice, or any lessons.

Still bored unfortunately, I'm not doing anything really, that's probably why I'm so bored ha ha. I could be.. laying in the sun with my dogs.. but that's not fun, and they don't stay laying down when I'm there they like to play a lot. Except for Teddi, He's kind of.. lets say slow. He wasn't actually our dog to begin with in the first place, or he wouldn't be as shy.. or retarded. If he was ours then things would have turned out differently for that little doggy. Moving on! Looks like the Canucks have landed themselves 7th in the WC with 63 games played, 32 wins, 22 losses, and 9 OT/Shootout losses.. Leaving them with a total of 73 points. The next game is against Chicago Blackhawks.. that on Sunday. I'm not sure why I'm so interested in hockey.. I just am. Vancouver, Florida and Dallas have been my favorites ever since I can remember. It's just something that I was able to talk to my dad about. I think he likes the fact that one of his daughters loves hockey like him. I know that when I'm older and have kids, I want them to share some of the same interests so I can talk to them about it and not have to force talk like some parents. Anyways, I think I'm going to make some food and do my hair and get dressed. By the time that's done, It should be 1:00, and that means that I can go get my hair dye.. and then THAT means I cant color my hair, Bleach my sisters and then go see Ryan!!. I'll post more later.

ps, heres the picture of the hair color.

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