Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I love you.. & Thank you.

Ryan phoned me this morning at 7:30, It was a nice surprise I tell you. It's always nice hearing his voice in the morning when I just wake up. Anyways the purpose of phoning. Last night I asked him if he remembered saying "If I did something, and It meant the world to you if I stopped, I would". He does remember which is a good thing. Then he brought up why I asked that- He is a good guesser because he guessed his drinking. So Ryan has agreed to stop drinking because it makes me happy. & I don't even mind that hes drinking at sunset. It's totally cool. I really do appreciate him doing this, It does actually mean the world to me that hes going to stop drinking. I'm not the only one that worries.. just so you know. I just thought I'd ask him.. if he would so something for me.. that was actually good for him. I'm glad he loves me enough to quit something that he likes doing. Anyways, Just thought I'd write about my morning. I'm going to go eat some tasty cereal, and go take a shower.. then possibly take a nap. I'll post later!

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