Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She grew wild, but innocent

¿Hola, Cómo es todo usted esta tarde?
I'm good, if you're wondering. I took Spanish in gr 9. Even that translates out to "Hello, How is all you this late one? " I figure that it's close enough to what I was trying to get across. I'm listening to country songs.. That's because I like country. I actually like a lot of different genres of music, I think the only one I'm not a fan of is rap. I do like one or two songs.. or I should say artists. Oh well. I'm not sure what to write about today but I'm sure I'll find something. Ryan and I are hanging out at Colemans this Friday. Kinda.....scared to say the least. I'm just a shy person. As Blake pointed out in our conversation last night, I can't be shy forever. I'm working on it, I swear! I'm sitting at my mamas computer, and I am looking at the following;
Printer, Pictures of everyone in the family, My Roberto Luongo poster, My Markus Naslund poster, a paper holder holding papers, A Rose, Two staplers, a lamp.. and other various items.. be right back, I'm moving down to my computer. Okay, I'm back, Then I disappeared again, because I wanted to switch my desk again because the little one i had was pissing me off. A lot of things have been pissing me off lately though, Like my Mac, and the Mac Keyboard, and the Mac mouse. It all just pisses me off, I want a big keyboard so I can type like I usually do. FAST. On a happier note, My mom is making bread.. CHEESE bread.. and it smells really yummy. It's actually making me kinda hungry, I'm going to brb and go to the store to get apple juice or something.  I'm back, I ended up getting peach pear juice, and Pina colada juice. I like those combinations in shakes.. or smoothies. My moms cheese bread is really tasty. I should probably get my blogging back on track, and not go to three different subjects in three different sentences. I need to find topics to write about them, and then stay on that one subject. That's hard for me to do because there's so many different things I'd like to write about. Anyways, my next post will be on topic, I swear. I am going to go though, and probably draw, or read. I'll post more later tonight though. 

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