Tuesday, February 26, 2008

well, I'm winner.

I am entirely convinced that my family actually hates me. I get in trouble for the stupidest shit- Like I asked my sister for my hair straightener back, and she spazzed and told my mom that I was threatening her, I wasn't though. THEN I got in trouble because my sister said "can I have your TV that's just sitting there?" and I was like "Kay, give me like 20 mins and I'll move it for you", She goes out and tells my mom that I told her she couldn't have my TV. So I got yelled at for that. Then I thought, I'll just stay away from her, So I went down to my room, and was doing the practice drivers test.. then all of a sudden I feel a really bad pain in the back of my head. My sister came down to my room, smacked me as hard as she could, and pulled my hair.. FOR NO REASON. So I FINALLY went to go question it to my mom.. and she came out and told me to shut the fuck up and stop bugging Kylee. So then she told me that if I didn't shut up and stop being a bitch that I'm old enough to get the fuck out. So, I have came to a sad realization that my family hates me! 

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