Sunday, March 16, 2008

You're Right, I'm Insecure.

showing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of anothers advantages

Yes, Okay I'm still envious of her. Shes pretty, successful, fun/funny, entertaining. Pretty much everything I'm not. Oh I forgot to mention shes one of my boyfriends good friends. How am I not supposed to be jealous of that? I don't care that they hang out I'm pretty sure I'm over that, I guess I'm just jealous because they spend time together a lot at work, and then hang out a bit outside of work.. and then there's me. Nothing to it, I'm me. Although I've never been good enough for anyone else. Hey things can turn around though right? I mean I suppose I'm friends with her & I know she doesn't "want" Ryan. I just cant help but be jealous I suppose. & I'm gonna have to get over it. It's harder than it seems though. Just thought I'd put my thoughts down. I'll probably post later after I'm fully engulfed in jealousy.

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