Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sometimes goodbye's the only way

W3rd y'all. Ew, that was incredibly gay! Anyways, I'm sitting here listening to Linkin Park ha ha the song that I just posted before this post actually, it's a good song! Like I said, I'm sitting here.. being kinda bored.. but not really.. actually I'm not bored. I'm talking to an old work friend his names Aaron.. he's such a sweet heart! When we worked together we'd take our 15 minute break like.. 20 minutes before closing, and we'd sit in the back and just talk.. I miss that. I really miss that. There's just some things that you're going to miss and somethings that.. just wont even phase you if they are gone. I can think of a few things that wouldn't phase me if they just kind of...fell off the earth. Whatever though, I'm happy right now, well.. to an extent.. I'm not going to get into that though. So yes, I got my cell phone, and that's basically all that's new. I should probably start practicing guitar again because Ryan just bought his left handed guitar.. so that means I'm gonna teach him how to play.. unless he's gonna ask Christ. Which I wouldn't mind entirely because I'm not good at teaching people things. Especially while I'm still learning myself. I guess I could teach him the chords I know.. which wouldn't be hard because they are easy ones and I don't have to look at the guitar upside down. Anyways, I just got this sinking feeling in my stomach. It's not cool. I know why. I'm not going to get into it though. I should probably go find something productive to do, like.. I can finish my paint movie masterpiece. I could do my homework.. or I can play guitar.. either way I have something to do! I'll post more later if something semi exciting comes up.

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