Thursday, August 28, 2008

Effing Tonsils..

So, today I had a tonsillectomy.. I was at Summerland Hospital at 8:15am and didn't Actually go into surgery until like 11am. I;m kind of mad, I can't eat, (haven't since 9pm yesterday) I can't talk, and it really hurts to swallow..All I remember is them trying to find a vein to put the IV in.. then waking up confused and hurting. Then the next thing I know Ryan and my dad are right beside me. It was weird laying in the operating room, It felt like I was in an episode of the X-Files all the people with masks and hair things then the huge lights. I was kind of freaked out, I'm not going to lie. It was the scariest thing I've ever been through myself.. I've seen scary things, like when Ryan was in the hospital, but I've never had anything happen to me where it actually scared me. Anyways, I'm feeling a tad drowsy.. So I'm going to attempt to sleep. I'll post more when I can stand things.

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Anonymous said...

dude, isnt the hospital fucked up?
It freaks me out.
Even though I was pretty young when I went through an operation type thing, I totally remember it as you described it.


heh heh.