Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey, Hey YOU! You can eff right off.

So, I've been quite busy being fucked over. If your wondering what I mean, I mean... I was getting fucked over.
I was being nice and asking this one girl to take her fucking shirts home because they smell like fucking body odor and ass.. It's fucking gross.. Anyways, so she goes and cries to her mommy, and I get in trouble at work. I got demoted from Supervisor to cashier again. BUT I don't care about that, less work for me ha ha, My pay fucking gets docked! YEAH! Instead of making $10.00 an hour.. I now make $8.75! Yeah fucking screwed over because some fucking 19 year old girl doesn't know how to fucking shower or wash her clothes, or fucking wear deodorant!
Yeah I'm intensely pissed off, all I gotta say is if I see that fucking little bitch outside of work.. I'm not going to be nice. OH! and if I have to work with her, I'm still going to be mean as fuck. I don't fucking care, You shouldn't get demoted for asking someone to wash their shirts.. It's BULLSHIT.

Fucking stinky worthless piece of shit. UGH I hate her. I guess no matter how old you get, there will always be one person to FUCK EVERYTHING up for you. I thought people grew up after they graduated, GUESS NOT.
Hey, Go Fuck Yourself
*thumbs up*

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