Sunday, June 21, 2009

On a happier note...

Ryan and I got kittens!!
^_^ It feels like we're a little family now! We're on our own, paying rent and bills, and it feels right. I miss my mama terribly though, If I had to I would LOVE to move back in with her. My mama means the world to me, My daddy does too. They make me happy, and the fact that they are supporting me while I try to make it on my own makes me feel very grateful. I love them!

Anyways, Kittens, Mine is all black, and she has greenish blue eyes, I named her Ravage.. It suits her, although so would Slash! I've gotten so many scratches from her! It's insane. Ryan's kitten is black and white, and he hasn't named her yet! I think he's going with BeeBop or Rex. Personally I like the name Domino. I think Ryan's kitten likes me more than my kitten does, she follows me around the house and purrs on contact. My kitty would rather hide and sleep all day than cuddle with me, but she might out grow that!

I'm not sure what else to write.. I'm looking for a new job, I wish I could work in a liquor store, but I'm not 19 so I can't, Which is so gay. I'm sure I'll find a better job though, It can't be that hard. Maybe now I can go for an apprenticeship at Sun City Tattooing! That would actually be amazing for me! Although when I turn 19 I'm taking a bar tending course so I can be a bartender! Lots of tips ha ha especially from drunken idiots.

Alex comes home tomorrow! I'm so excited!! I haven't seen her in so long, it'll be like seeing someone come back from the dead! Only, she's coming back from Germany ha ha. I'm also thinking about getting my hair cut again, It's still short right now, but maybe getting a trim or something will help it grow?! I'm hoping anyways. I'm also thinking of changing my hair color up! Maybe go back light blonde with purple.. or blue or green in it. Who knows, I wont be doing it for awhile because I need to save as much money as I can for rent and bills! Seeing as my pay was cut. Assholes.. Oh well they cant actually cut my pay, it's against the law! So, I'm pretty stoked for not doing work and then getting ten bucks an hour.

Although I have nothing to do at the moment, I'm still going to go. So, I'll post later on when my pictures are uploaded so I can put pictures of Ravage and Ryan's kitty on here!

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