Monday, July 13, 2009

Updated Facts about me!!

I've decided that I'm going to renew the post I did way back in like... November 07 haha. Here it goes. Updates will be in Blue font.

  1. I have blue eyes Sometimes they turn green
  2. My natural hair color is blonde
  3. I'm short 5'2 1/2 I think I grew!! I'm 5'3 now haha
  4. I'm really shy
  5. I'm anti-social sometimes All the time, now I find.
  6. I can wiggle my ears
  7. I have asthma
  8. I don't like sleeping alone Still, really don't like it!
  9. 99.9% of the time I sleep with a teddy
  10. The other 1% I'm sleeping with Ryan Because of his job, this is basically still true!
  11. I'm afraid of the dark
  12. My brother is my best friend Or so I thought =(
  13. I play guitar, Acoustic and Electric When It's tuned!!
  14. I get scared easily
  15. I was born and raised in Penticton
  16. I love looking at the stars
  17. I don't care if I have 5 true friends I really have no idea who my real friends are.
  18. I have alot of aquantances Not anymore!
  19. I cry alot Not Anymore
  20. I change jobs lots I was content with a job, then some bitch got me fired.
  21. I'm in a relationship after 2 years I've almost been in a relationship for 2 years! ^_^
  22. I love Dane Cook I STILL Love Dane Cook!
  23. I don't smoke cigarettes or ganja Still don't it's disgusting!
  24. I drink almost every Saturday It's Seldom that I drink
  25. I hate horror movies
  26. I'm not graduating this year, even though I'm supposed to Still haven't graduated!
  27. I love to Draw, Read and Write Still Love it!
  28. I hate being alone I still hate it, but I've got kittens to even it out...some days.
  29. I love movies But too many bug me.
  30. I love to bake and cook I don't bake or cook as much.
  31. I love almost every vegetable I HATE corn!
  32. I hate corn though Oh haha it's already here!
  33. I finally know when you wanna watch a movie with a never actually watch it. I lied, You watch it if you actually like that boy ;)
  34. I have 8 tattoos I have 9 now!
  35. I'm my own person Well, more or less.
  36. I make weird facial expressions I'm not sure if I still do.
  37. I love Winter and the snow It's 50 times better than the heat!
  38. I like to listen to good songs on repeat Doing so right now! "calling you" by Blue October
  39. I love yawning Although too much of it, gets annoying haha.
  40. I'm allergic to pollen..but only sometimes Yes, Like this year!
  41. I love walking down the beach, despite how many times I have. I don't anymore, and it upsets me.
  42. I love going for walks I have a lazy boyfriend.. so we don't go as much!
  43. I hate my hair It's getting better!
  44. I love coloring my hair Still love it!
  45. When I'm tired, I just want to sleep and if I don't, I get grumpy I'm getting better ^_^
  46. I love tea !!!
  47. I have 2 tattooing machines No more Ink though!!
  48. I don't like getting dolled up If I were Smaller I might like it!
  49. I like to lay around in my sweats and a couple shirts I don't like wearing pants!
  50. I miss working at the Pen-Mar I lied, I hate it there.. and will NEVER go back!
  51. My oldest brother is a model Now, he's married and a photographer!
  52. I love kids & Can't wait to have my own!
  53. I watch Disney Channel Not so much anymore, but I know your jealous!
  54. I love my mama and my daddy x infinity + 1
  55. I'm the youngest of all my friends Except Jesse! haha
  56. I have 5 friends I can trust.. Again, I have no idea who my real friends are.
  57. I want a white tiger, and I want to name it Lily I changed my mind! I just want a white tiger!
  58. I love fixing computers It's hella fun, and I find it relaxing.
  59. 90% of the time you can find me on the computer I'm getting better, it's 50% now!
  60. And lastly I love the moments that seem so perfect because you're with that one person who makes it seem that way That happens a lot, and I don't think I can ever live with out that feeling!
  61. I hate guys who wear make up
  62. Retail pisses me off
  63. I hate smelly people
  64. I DON'T shower everyday but I definetly don't smell bad.. and never will
  65. I like getting suprises it makes me feel special!
  66. I have a temper.. I'm not fond of it.
  67. Sometimes I try to hard to impress people.
  68. I have a black kitten named Ravage, Shes a pain in the ass, but I love her
  69. I hate it when people change.
  70. I wish more people would read my blog.
  71. I wish I had more interesting things to write about
  72. I need another job *thumbs up*

Now, I'm finished updating... & my kitten just farted..>

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