Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Bother.

Today's the day that I realized that I was feeling more left out than ever.
When Ryan constantly plays video games online or on his PS3, I'm starting to think he likes doing that more than he likes spending time with me. Our "quality" time together is watching TV. That's it. I got him Monopoly for his PS3 in hopes that he would say "Oh awesome! Now we can play something together" but no, I got a "OH great!!! Josh will LOVE playing this with me". It really hurt me because I bought him something in hopes that it would give us more time together, and he just wants to go and play with his other friends. That's just like when he's online with his friends, he laughs so much more than he ever has with me. He never laughs with me. Like I said, I feel left out when he doesn't want me to play something or I can't play something.. He never asks me, he just goes and turns on Skype and the PS3 and ignores me. I'm just saying. It's not fun being out of the loop or left out. It hurts. Not that he'll know because he never reads my blog.

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