Friday, January 1, 2010


As millions of people get their kisses at midnight tonight, I'm stuck here... alone, and pondering. Why am I not doing anything tonight? Why aren't I out getting as drunk as humanly possible just to come home and not remember anything from the night before with a killer hangover? Instead I've opened up a can of orange pop, and some cheesies. My life is slowly coming to a halt. Not only am I snacking on unhealthy orange snacks, I'm sitting here wishing I had saved more money so I could go to school. It's weird to think that it's 2010! Last year past so fast.. So much has changed, for the better and for the worse. I've dropped basically all the friends I have/had. I've grown so much more than anyone can imagine. I'm a nineteen year old, and I personally think that I'm more mature than any of my recent friends. That's all I can think of writing. I suppose I'll go now, But not before posting some things I want to get back into.:

Start playing guitar again.

Save up for extensions.

Lose weight.

Be nicer to the one I love.

I don't know, there's a few more things. I just don't feel like posting them.

Hope 2010 is amazing for all of you..


Anonymous said...

how are the things going that u wanna get back into ?

Skylar said...

The weightloss could be going better.. I'm not saving as much as I thought I would be.. I'm nicer.. I think so anyways, and I've been playing guitar every free chance I get! My fingers are sore from playing but I've gotta get used to that again!
Thank you! ^_^