Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm the god damn BATMAN

It's been a long while since I've written in here! I've got a few things to blog about tonight first on the agenda!

Meeting someone, becoming this persons best friend, them going away for a year and then when this person gets back, She is totally different.. well I'm not even sure I can say different. She no longer talks to me, she no longer hangs out with me (and not only because her boyfriend all of a sudden hates me) She no longer attempts to make our friendship work. It makes me quite upset and angry because while she was away she would talk about how when she got back we were going to hang out and have movie nights and hit the gym together! Has that happened? Nope not at all actually. The complete opposite has happened. I talk to her on Facebook chat and the conversation goes something like this.

Me - Hey!!
Her - hello
Me - How're you doing?!
Her - good XD my Australian friend is online...

...End of conversation.. well That was tonights conversation anyways. Its just frustrating when your trying to regain that friendship that you once had and that person is oblivious to the fact that you're even doing anything! Does anyone out there know what it feels like to try and re connect with someone and they don't even give two fucks? Or seems that way? Any advice for me!?

Second on the agenda!
I finally applied for a student loan to go to Hair school!! So, If all goes well, I start school August 30th! It runs until July 23 2011! So that's 10.5 ish months. I'm pretty excited, I want to finally start my life off, and while doing so, I want to do it right the first time! Hairdressing is something I've wanted to do for a very very very long time! That and tattooing! I think that would be an awesome career as well! Everyone loves tattoos!

I figure going to school for hairdressing is perfect, Even though everyone else is doing it, Theres always people who go out and need to get their hair done, they need to make themselves look good, in which case brings me into the picture! I can do that, they will pay money thus me having money and being happy where ever my travels bring me! Eventually when my boyfriend goes to school ( hes going to be a film director!!) we will move to Kelowna for that, then after Kelowna we will be moving to Vancouver (hopefully). He will have a handsome paying job and so will I as I will be his hairstylist for his actors and actresses! Which will be fantastic, and once I'm rolling in the dough (I wonder if that's how you spell it for money *ponders*) I wont have to worry about anything that's caused me to lose sleep at night!

Sometimes it's silly to think that money can fix your problems, and in actual reality, it causes more problems.. Or so I'm told. I'll just have to see for myself though!
I think I've just lost my train of thought. So I shall end my post here!

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