Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cold nostalgia chills me to the bone.

I'm drawing up a new tattoo for my sleeve! I'm pretty excited, I already have a sugar skull on my forearm and "Stay" on my wrist, which is going to be Incorporated into my sleeve, seeing as on my right wrist where I've got the other half of my tattoo.. it looks like the T in it is an L and the R looks like a god damn F . So my "Stay True" looks like a "Stay Lfue". This is why I no longer go to Sun city tattoos. Anyways, the "Stay" is going to be above "Grounded" So it'll say " Stay grounded", Can anyone guess what I'm designing? I'll give you guys a few days then I'll post the picture! You can comment and let me know what you think it is if you want! It's going to look pretty awesome I think!
Anyways, It's like 12:25 on my computer  time, but it's 12:15 and my eyes are bolding things on their own. So I think it's bed time for me!
I'll post more tomorrow as the day progresses.. My friends moving home tomorrow so I'll post some new room pictures I'm sure and I'll post some other shit. Not sure what but I'm sure it wont be hard for me to find something!

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