Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have a long day ahead of me!! Colton's all moved in, just theres' boxes everywhere!! Also I'm moving rooms again! So I've gotta move all my shit out of my room, to move my sisters in, to move my stuff into my new room. It's pretty complicated! & I get my new bedroom set soon!! I'm really excited! Tomorrow, I'm doing a haircut!! I'm pretty excited. & Coltons mama gave me the coolest freaking mug I've ever seen!!!! It's LION KING!!!!!!!!! I freaking love The Lion King!! Favorite movie of all time !
Oh yeah, Coltons ex's cat pissed on Coltons couches, anyone know a good way to get the smell out!? I'm stumped, I've used a huge bottle of Febreeze already! Still stinky! Although Colton said that it doesn't smell as bad as I think it does, he said it just smells kind of musty. I wonder if my smelling is off. I'm also still looking for a job here in town, so to all the people I know, if you read my blog, keep me posted!!
I'm going to go now and start moving shit around!!! =) Oh, that's the inside of my awesome mug Coltons mama got me !!

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