Tuesday, November 15, 2011

la la la laa

Long time no post. Hope you guys will forgive me… If anyone follows this anyways ha ha.
So, there's been a few a changes, Colton and I are moving with my parents to a new place, not my choice really but $1700 a month is a little hefty to pay for rent. I still haven't found a job yet, the working world where I am sucks ball sacks. I am working on it though! When I get a job I plan on saving 1/2 of every cheque and then when Colton's done school I can use what I saved up and we can get a place! We're aiming for July 1st ha ha. It's a far way away, but he goes to school in February for 6 weeks, and I think he's going to do back to back courses so after he's done one course, he'll do the next. So that's 12 weeks of schooling, which gives us time apart (which I'm NOT stoked about) and it gives me time to save. Unfortunately, the house doesn't allow pets, SO Colton and I can't get the puppy we wanted and all the animals we have now have to be sold. It makes me upset. I feel bad because Colton wanted the kind of puppy we were going to get for quite awhile, and when my mom said we could get one, she decided we were moving into a place that doesn't allow pets. So his dreams were crushed. I mean, there's always later in life, like... when we get our own place and stuff. The only thing about that is the people who were selling him his puppy, this is their last litter of puppies. Poor Colton. I feel bad.

I am pretty stoked to be starting my life with Colton within the next year! He actually cares about me, and it makes me feel special and wanted. Which… quite frankly, I've never felt that way before. Still engaged, which is a plus! Kinda weird to me, but changes in your life sometimes feel weird… Or, that's what I'm assuming. He's basically my everything, he sticks up for me constantly and you know, it's a nice feeling when someone sticks up for me… I know my ex never did, but that's okay... Some people are more cowardly than others.  ;)

Other than whats written above nothing else is new really, I don't have a very exciting life... Yet! I'll post more when I have the time for sure!

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