Sunday, March 4, 2012


I hate being away from Colton! He's away for school and I only get to see him on weekends. It's really hard for me because he's like my best friend and soul mate all in one. It's hard not having someone to talk to till you fall asleep, or wake up and see them smiling at you, or coming home from work and not seeing someone sitting on the couch waiting for dinner.

I try so hard every time he leaves not to cry, and it seems like it gets harder and harder to do so. I thought always having someone here with me, or having a puppy would distract me from missing him, but it seems like it makes it more difficult. I find myself doing things that I wish he was here doing them with me. Like, training our puppy for example. It's hard to do it alone, and when he was home this weekend, it made it a little easier.

It does make it great when I see him again, because I've gone all week without seeing him and then all of a sudden he's home and it's exciting! He'll be home in 5 sleeps though. So, until then, I'll train our puppy and work, and hope the week goes by super fast.

Here, is a picture of our puppy


Anonymous said...

Where do you work?

Skylar said...

I'm a nanny for one of Coltons co-workers.. =) No luck in the hair industry right now, but soon I hope!