Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cant you feel my heart beat fast?

Woah hey?
Ryan just left. Kinda lame but whatever. All I have to say for today is.. amazing that's all I'm saying haha no details or anything! Anyways, Ryan took one of my pictures (of me) I don't care though it's a cute picture. I wonder if he still wants the other one, because I'm still going to let him have it, I'm just..fixing it for him! So there's a meteor shower tonight (Thursday) and apparently I'm watching it alone..Ryan's going to be in Summerland with his daddy. I'm kinda debating if I want to go a lighter color with my hair! I'm not sure though. I was thinking a light brown with blonde & black streaks? I don't want to go blonde again for awhile, I just want to change it up! Or maybe suggestions would be good! I'm kinda bored, I'm singing though. Still doesn't matter, Still bored. Um, I think I'm going to go shower and stuff..& do laundry like I was supposed to. I'll post later tonight with deets on what I'm baking this weekend!!

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