Wednesday, December 12, 2007


- - S k y l a r . says:
would it be lame if I said SOMETIMES it'd be
cool if I were emo-ish because some emo girls hair is cute?
well, if it helps you are kinda emo
- - S k y l a r .
stephaniee. says:
well, you wear stripes (emos ALWAYS wear stripes) and
you do style the 'emo' shoes and also, your hair is kinda emo

Okay, lets fix this shall we?
  1. I'm not flippen emo
  2. My sister was a bitch and cut my hair short -- I don't like it short :(
  3. My shoes are comfy
  4. I like stripes, and I don't always wear them
  5. RYAN wears stripes too..& He has thick frame glasses
  6. Yes, I have those glasses too but um, I don't know where I was going with that.

So, that's whats wrong, I'm not emo, and I don't want to be, haha. I have to change my clothes it looks like, I need to be more girly... well I own two dresses and heels! Bah just thought Id let everyone know.. I obviously suck at life so I'm going to go, and listen to music and try not to dress emo.

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