Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm not too sure whats going on.

omfg, I'm such an idiot.
Usually my mom phones at 7 to wake me up then I wake up my little brother and sister and then I phone Kaileigh to wake her up. Today I cant remember if my mom phoned but I was supposed to wake up my little brother..and guess what...I forgot. Oh well at least hes the only one who stayed home haha. Tonight I'm going to see Dan In Real Life with Kaileigh, and apparently Ryan's coming..after the movie we are waiting for Stephanie to get off of work, then Stephanie Ryan Kaileigh and I are going to her place to watch the Butterfly Effect. Its going to be fun *rolls eyes* I have the urge to paint my I think I'm going to. I feel like I'm in a dream, like everything feels weird right now. Kay, my mind just stopped working I think, so that means...I'm not sure. Oh yeah I am, it means I have nothing to blog about, So Ill write more later.

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