Sunday, December 9, 2007

a million times for a million reasons

I'm feeling A LOT better today! Its exciting, although my throat still hurts a lot. I'm writing on Word Pad at the moment because my moms computers a bit slow. I'm listening to "Shiny Toy Guns" by Le Disko. It's on the razor commercial.. "hello little boy little toys" It's a pretty stellar song. I'm really excited for tonight! Ryan's coming over!! I hope for more than half an hour. I had a really lame night last night, I was sick and I didn't wanna go to Kaileighs so I didn't. I stayed home and cleaned my room? Yeah it was lame.. I got it done though! I'm looking at trucks right now, I also should be studying for my L haha I wanna get it soon! Ahhhh I'll post a picture of the truck I want. Its a Toyota but I'm not sure what it is.. It's not a Tundra and it isn't a Tacoma. Although if I was getting a truck soon, It'd be a black Toyota Tacoma!.. Even though the picture I'm going to post has the truck in blue. I don't care! I love trucks.. It's a passion! Okay, I'm going to go shower and what not! I'll write more sometime soon?

THAT is the truck I'm in love with!
That is the color I want!! (I love that truck too)

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