Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today.. Nicole and I went for a walk. It was fun.
Tonight...Ryan ditched me for video games... but not really. He just got sick of me on the phone, So he needed to hammer his video game. Lame. Another lame thing.. If Ryan thinks hes getting fat, then he should probably cut down on all the junk he eats hahaha. Whatever, It's cool. I'm bored right now. I'm SO bored right now, I'm listening to punk covers. I'm sort of excited for tomorrow Ryan's coming over, and we are....attempting to take pictures. Oh shit yeah. I'm not sure how to take pictures with guys.. *ponders* I always take pictures with Nicole. I suppose I can suck it up and stop being shy? I'm actually just excited because I get to see Ryan! I suppose I have nothing else to write at the moment. I will post more, when more happens.
PS, for people who don't think I eat.. I do. I eat all the time.
I just don't eat with Ryan because I'm shy.


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