Friday, March 7, 2008

Under my umberella eh eh eh

First of, I'd like to note that "Umbrella" by Rihanna is annoying. Second of all, I'm addicted to reading my horoscope! I find it kinda funny that all horoscopes aren't the same for a sign.. such as Scorpio. Such as I am, here- I'll put down an example.

Facebook Horoscope - Scorpio: Don't shop without a list today, or you'll end up with a ton of stuff you don't need and will never use! Horoscope - Someone may try to talk you out of some much-needed recreational time in order to care for a loved one or family member who is ill. There could be benefits as well as challenges, and you may have to juggle your schedule around quite a bit to make things happen so you are all happy. Horoscope - This is a good time to schedule social activities or even business meetings where tact and friendliness would be a plus. You act as a diplomat and harmonizer between people with differing viewpoints. Also, attending cultural events such as an art show or a play is favored. Thoughts of love, an appreciation for beauty, and an aesthetic enjoyment of your surroundings are brought to the fore. A short pleasure trip would also be beneficial now.

All completely different. Now for some news, I'm sick, woop woop. Runny nose, Really sore throat, Headache and a cough. I think it's called the COMMON COLD. Oh! I'll go check on WebMD! brb! BACK! Well, there you have it!

Cold Symptoms
runny nose
nasal and sinus blockage
sore throat

Well, I have 5 out of 6. I think I have a cold! Or, I could be dying and no one will know because it seems as if I have a cold. Ah man, I have nothing else to blog about. I'll post later possibly.

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